An Extremely Important Time of Prayer for Our Nation

C.C.O.D.’s leadership is asking our congregation as well as the whole body of Christ to pray for our nation.


In times that seem to be unprecedented we near an election that will have tremendous implications for Christians. We believe God hears our prayers and that righteousness exalts a nation.

We will be praying this upcoming Wednesday the 2nd at 7:30pm during our service. Monday the 7th at 6:oo pm and Tuesday the 8th during the election. Please mark your calendars and make this a priority of your household.  All are invited to come and pray and seek the face of Christ for our nation. You do not have to be a part of Community Church of Devore but we do ask for your fervent prayers in this all important matter.

Let us join ourselves in a very solemn time for our nation that has slipped into the grips of the enemy both spiritually and our enemies within and without, who intend to destroy this nation as a whole. This is a time of repentance both personal and corporately like no other time for the church, who has been remiss, passive and has ignored the cries of the innocent and has allowed within every area of our lives public, professional and private the compromise that brings commingling with the world which always leads to judgement. May God help us.
Many blessings – Pastor Marco Quintana

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