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10-Reasons Congress Should Defund Planned Parenthood

by The Federalist

Click on the link below to read this important article from  of The Federalist on Planned Parenthood

The forgotten women of post abortion

Stop Planned Parenthood and their murders

Guest Speaker John Haller

of Fellowship Bible Chapel will be Devore’s guest speaker

on Sunday January 22nd for our Sanctity of Life Sunday service. Please come join us on this important Sunday to show your support for the precious life of the unborn. Our guest speaker John Haller of Fellowship Bible Chapel, Lewiston Ohio, will be sharing on this morning concerning prophecy and the sanctity of life. Service begins at 10:30 and we do provide childcare.

The voice of the unborn has been lost and is drowning in the sea of ‘choice’, but who’s choice? Certainly not the living baby’s.  The precious life of the unborn has no choice and no voice against the murderous hands of those who profit off of the shedding of innocent blood. While we as a country of individuals enjoy our Constitutional rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness the weak and the frail little ones suffer a tortuous slow death because many remain silent.

These babies need you and all of us together to be their voice, a loud unceasing one above the cacophony of a death sentence for the innocents. We can no longer sit and pretend it isn’t happening, or turn a blind eye towards the murder of thousands upon thousands each day and every year. Please won’t you join and support these little ones who if they could speak would cry out ‘Let me live’!